SEt up SSH Key on local server


go to /home/toru/.ssh/
Create ssh private key file, and name the project/hosting company name. Do the same thing for public key.
copy and private key
Add a shortcut to config file

Host shortcutname
 User login-user account name
 Port login port
 HostName hosting server name
 IdentityFile ssh private key file name
 TCPKeepAlive yes
 IdentitiesOnly yes

However, if you push to live using rsync command like Culturally Connected project, you only need Host and IdentityFile.

Host shortcutname
 IdentityFile ssh private key file name

The rsync command depends on projects, but it should be like the below.

rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p 2222' --exclude 'videos' --no-perms --no-owner --no-group _site/